"Prepare for war!" - Volusia (to Avidius's legions)
Volusia Vettia Cassius (b. 135; neé Maeciana) was the wife of Avidius Cassius. She is of Latian heritage and Meshech lineage. Volusia can be briefly heard rallying Avidius's new legions for war on the song Elysium at the beginning of the album 20s A Difficult Age. Although her role is minimal in 20s, she plays a larger role in Avidius's life sometimes helping him make choices often to her benefit.

20s A Difficult Age

When 20s A Difficult Age opens, Avidius is heard giving a speech to his newly formed legions. Volusia, witnessing the speech yells "prepare for war" as she draws her sword. The speech concludes and she is heard yelling "Hail Avidius Cassius".

Deleted Album Scene

In a cut scene from the 20s A Difficult Age album used in the albums trailer, she and Avidius are aware of The Mysterious Man's presence and seem to commune with him in which he promises them power "untouched by mankind itself".