"Craft a mask of wax or mold a terra-cotta chest?" - The Portrait Maker (to Marcus Antoninus)
The Portrait Maker was an elder gentleman who creates portraits for the Emperors and Empresses of Latium as well as the rich and elite. He creates "mask" using wax and terracotta from Chixian (China). He has created portraits for many Emperors and prominent people in his lifetime. The Portrait Maker has many stories to tell.

20s A Difficult Age

After clearing his turmoil mentally to cement his legacy Marcus Antoninus decides to get a portrait or bust made of himself. The Portrait Maker and he discuss in which way would he like to express himself by doing so.

Physical Appearance

The Portrait Maker is well respected in Latium among all classes of people. He is a man of medium height, now bald due to age and wears spectacles.