"For you both, I have POWER untouched by mankind itself." - The Mysterious Man (to Avidius and Volusia)
The Mysterious Man was a humanoid from an unknown location with access to technology unavailable to the ancient world. Accompanying him is his artificial intelligence V-0009817; located in his helmet.


Little to nothing is known of The Mysterious Man except he arrives in a space craft and is in search of Harnuphis this is given away per way of dialogue provided in a scene at the end of 20s A Difficult Age.

20s A Difficult Age

First spotted at night landing his ship in the distance by Marcus Antoninus, the Mysterious Man arrives in the "Black Forest" in Latium. Upon landing, he is "lifted" from the inside of his ship to the outside where his artificial intelligence named "V-0009817" debriefs the current state of the planet Earth and scans for nearby enemies. He laughs seemingly completing his goal. The following day, before going into cryosleep, the Mysterious Man is

The Arrival in Latium

The Mysterious Man as he arrives in Latium, illustrated by senior movie industry concept artist Chris Bonura.

scavenging the forest in invisible camouflage, de cloaking, his artificial intelligence debriefs him again via "History Report" - a program infused in his helmet's A.I. named "V-0009817", that allows Mysterious Man to be brought up to speed on where he is and what is going on present society. Turning off his suits "Clicking Mechanism" used to scare nearby enemies, he listens then shuns humanity quoting the late Tupac Shakur. Igniting an thunder sword, he declares that he has "priest to visit" in the city of Pompeii. Almost a year later the Mysterious Man appears before Marcus Antoninus, in which Marcus proclaims that there has been a lot of "noise" the Mysterious Man has been making within the Latian empire. Attempting to complete his objective the two have a unknown conversation.


Equipped with technology, The Mysterious Man is extremely dangerous. Known, his suit contains a "clicking mechanism" to scare his opponents in battle, camouflage to blend in with environments around him and a "Thunder Sword" generated from the electricity in his suit.


Helmet (with V-9817)

Space Craft

Scanner Device

Clicking Mechanism


The Mysterious Man has a cold persona. Moving behind the scenes, he is often depicted as a shadow figure pulling strings and manipulating people to his will.

Physical Appearance

Equipped with "V-0009817" - his artificial intelligence voice that helps guide him, the Mysterious Man's voice is distorted due to the helmet he wears. He is also often seen wearing a long black robe with a hood to hide his appearance and his stocky build. At some point the Mysterious Man takes off his helmet to speak to Avidius and Volusia, as heard in a cut scene from the 20s a Difficult Age album trailer.