Suehyla El-Attar is an actor, writer, director and dramaturge, she provided the voice for Harnuphis Bukouloi and has been films such as Million Dollar Arm, Allegiant and The War with Grandpa.


Suehyla El-Attar was raised in Starkville, Mississippi[1] and is one of 3 girls born to Egyptian-Muslim parents and moved to Atlanta in her 20s to pursue a career in theater and find a job in radio. She used to fill in for DJ Melissa Carter, now her Angry Fags cast mate, on Q100.[2] Only her immediate family lives in the U.S., the rest are located in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. She lived in Iraq, Kuwait, and Cairo in her younger years.[3] In 2004, needing hands-on experience for a new script she was writing, she volunteered a short amount of time with a refugee camp in Nablus, Palestine.  In 2005, she participated in the first American-public, female-led, co-ed, Islamic service; Suehyla served as the mu’athan. Recently delving into film and television she has been seen in several films including Million Dollar Arm, Allegiant and The War with Grandpa and has continued writing and acting at the Alliance Theatre, Horizon Theatre, 7 Stages, Dad’s Garage, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Theatre in the Square, Synchronicity Theatre, and Essential Theatre.[4]

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