"Keep this up and one day you'll be Emperor. Watch." - Marcus Antoninus (to Pertinax)

Pertinax Augustus was a respected and highly ranked officer who would assist Marcus Antoninus's legion during the First Frontier Wars as a good friend to the Emperor. Pertinax is first introduced in 20s A Difficult Age announcing the arrival of Harnuphis then later introducing Harnuphis to Marcus.

Early Life

Pertinax is a hastiliarian officer in the Latian imperial army, responsible for overseeing and training new legionaries. He is well respected among the ranks in the military. Because he is he also apart of the senate, his views can be often driven with political motive. Pertinax has been a long time loyal friend of the Antoninus family.

20s A Difficult Age

Pertinax walks into Marcus Antoninus's tent to inform him of Harnuphis's arrival. The same night all the military leaders get drunk and eventually sober up. Marcus comes to his senses and grants her permission, the message is relayed. Marcus, Pertinax, Harnuphis and Didius all commune about military strategies to win back the border. Fatigued, dehydrated and wounded the legions, including a few familiar faces to Harnuphis plummet into battle, out manned with defeat seeming eminent. Pertinax begs Harnuphis to summon rain or "use her powers" to save her legionaries. Eventually she does and the battle is crowned by Marcus and those able to witness as "Victory by Rain".


Pertinax is a master at weaponry due to being a hastiliarian, he is skilled in physical combat and with all weapons known to Latian combat. His time at war has also trained him to be a highly intelligent tactician.


Viewed as loyal, Pertinax is liked by many of the people he comes across initially but can also be very mean at times.