Han (140 - 174 C.E.) also known as Han the Wolf was a gladiator who fought his last days in the colosseum until he died by the decision of Marcus Antoninus and the on looking crowd deciding to have him executed during the celebratory games.

20s A Difficult Age

Fighting for his life, the gladiator Han battles his opponent in front of thousands in the colosseum. Nicknamed "The Wolf" he decapitates his opponent leaving him out of breath. His last supporting crowd members being to howl like wolves in his honor. Impressed Marcus toys with sparing his life but ultimately allows the crowd to decide Han's fate. Wanting to see his death the crowd decides to see him executed. Caesar agrees.


  • Gladius Sword (Sharp)
  • Scutum Shield
  • Greaves Armor
  • Galea Helmet
  • Manicae Wrist Bands
  • Loincloth with leather belt