First Frontier Wars



180 C.E.

  • The Danube River
  • Dacia
  • Paeoniii
  • Oderzo
  • Moravia

Victory for Latium

Major battles:
Major battles:
  • Latian Empire Latium Flag
  • Tribal Confederacy
  • Ballomar (Marcomanni)
  • Zanticus (Lazyges)
  • Aerogaesus (Quadi)
  • Valao (Naristi)

Harnuphis Bukouloi


Casualties and Losses



The First Frontier Wars (166 - 180 C.E.) was a fourteen year war between the Latian Empire and the Tribal Confederacy in which many of the tribes warring with the empire wished to conquer it by weakening its borders and spreading Latium's forces thin. The war officially broke out when Paeoniii was attacked by Germanic forces, marking it the "First Frontier War", soon after several broke out along the northern border. Most of the tail end of the war was overseen under the rule of the Antoninus family and lead by Marcus Antoninus on the battlefield.


A series of battles took place over fourteen years. The First Frontier Wars officially began when the city of Paeoniii was sieged breaking the peace treaty between the Latian Empire and the surrounding Germanic tribes to the north. The city was won back but Latium suffered a tremendous loss in military strength.

20s A Difficult Age (174 C.E.)

In 174 Harnuphis, under unknown circumstances delivers a message to the Latian emperor Marcus Antoninus. Harnuphis rides to his camp to find him. After demanding to speak with him she is finally granted access to directly relay the message she carried. Before the meeting, in Harnuphis's absence, the military leaders conclude a drinking session and sober up. Marcus, Pertinax, Harnuphis and Didius then meet to discuss the looming military strategies. With soldiers wounded, dehydrated and fatigued they head into battle without choice, severely losing and unable to retreat. As a last minute resort, Harnuphis summons rain hydrating the soldiers and saving them from eminent defeat. This of many battles is coin "Victory by Rain" by the Emperor while riding his horse in the rain.