Domitia Lucia Antoninus (b. 124 C.E.) (pronounced DUH-mee-SHA; neé Trajanus) was a human Empress of Alkebulan lineage and Latian heritage. She is the mother of Marcus Antoninus and Annia Antoninus as well as the wife of Verus Antoninus.

Domitia is introduced during the Prelude: Martyr dinner scene with Harnuphis, Marcus, Annia and Junius in 20s A Difficult Age. She is known as the matriarch of the Antoninus family, her wealth and striking green eyes; a genetic trait which runs in her family but skipped her children.

Early Life

Domitia Lucia Antoninus (neé Trajanus) was born 124 C.E. to Publius and Avia Trajanus. Coming from generational wealth and a resourceful family, as a young woman, Domitia inherited her parents business and into adulthood continued to contribute tiles, bricks and other materials that built structures in Latium such as roads in the city, the pantheon and the colosseum. Studying under her father, she became a very successful business woman. Her mother, Avia Trajanus passed away in 168 C.E.

20s A Difficult Age

Domitia is at the Antoninus home, moderating dinner and her family. After Marcus has an out pour of feelings towards being single, she comforts him on the balcony in which she encourages him to continue writing and to get out and meet new people.

The Blue Madjai arc

During the events of The Blue Madjai, Domitia, Marcus's mother, and Harnuphis walk through the Antoninus villa courtyard. Domitia shares a bit apart of her story telling the Blue Madjai how she found peace in marrying and having children with the father of her children. Harnuphis rejects wanting to start a family and instead voices her frustration to Domitia about not being able to control her powers and wanting to use them to stop Avidius. Domitia suggest a solution. Harnuphis then finds herself on the shore of Wagadú MandéAlkebula.

20s A Difficult Age (Cont'd)

Later she is mentioned by Annia helping clean up the wedding reception with Marcus's new wife.


Domitia loves her family and is very nurturing, her analytical and reasoning skills are where many of Marcus's and Annia's personalities come from.

Physical Appearance

Height: Domitia appears to be shorter in build.

Complexion: She has a dark complexion. Regal, she usually is never seen without jewelry of some sort and a white palla.

Hair: In the original concept art of Domitia illustrated by Cristina Bencina, Domitia is seen with a hair style more traditional to the era of Roman history whereas in The Blue Madjai, she is seen with braids pulled back into a bun and greying hairs.

Eyes: striking green eyes. 


Domitia in its Latin origin means "Lord".

Antoninus means "of considerable worth".



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