Bukouloi (Pronounced; boo-KOH-lee) is a region located in Kemet but is also a surname given to the people of the Bukouloi region. The name is most famously carried by the Blue Madjai, Harnuphis Bukouloi.

Harnuphis specifically also holds lineage in Kush (modern-day Ethiopia).

Legend of the Blue Madjai


Passed from the mother to the daughter, it is said [she] to be a living incarnation of Tefnut . An embodiment of rain, even her state of mind is said to influence storms. She will send storms to [her] enemies and bring not only rains to let harvests grow and fill the rivers but also fierce storms and floods to keep her enemies a far.


Bukouloi means "herdsmen" both the second "U" and second "O" are silent.