The Antoninus Villa was a compound home located on Celio Hill in Latium and belonged to the prestigious Antoninus family for several generations and handed down by earliest known Antoninus, Verus Antoninus.

It is introduced during the events of 20s A Difficult Age. The second to the third act of 20s A Difficult Age primarily takes place in the villa, particularly the dinning quarters, the atrium (seen in concept art), Marcus's bedroom, the balcony and more.

20s A Difficult Age

At the top of act two, the Antoninus villa is introduced by way of a dinner scene in the dining quarters between Marcus, Domitia and Annia Antoninus as well as Harnuphis and Junius in which a discussion is being had during diner.

The Blue Madjai arc

During the Blue Madjai arc more of the villa is seen including hallways where Harnuphis walks through and views the capitoline wolf illustrated on a fresco wall as well as the villa garden where both Domitia and Harnuphis engage in conversation ultimately Harnuphis departs from the villa to pursue Iya Agutan.


The rooms where scenes took place in 20s A Difficult Age


Harnuphis and Domitia sit in the Antoninus garden conversing.


  • The Antoninus Garden
  • The Dining Quarter
  • Marcus's Bed Chamber
  • The Outside Balcony
  • The Atrium
  • The Courtyard

The album cover for 20s A Difficult Age also included the decaying fresco wall with the painting of the Capitoline wolf that resides in the villa painted by Marcus Antoninus to commemorate his victory in the First Frontier Wars. There is also a painting of Harnuphis on a wall as seen in the album's trailer.

The Dream-Realm

During the events of Prelude: Spring Marcus falls a sleep in the Antoninus garden and has a lucid dream. In the dream he is in the villa, while it is on fire. The villa burns down and debris from the roof falls on top of him.