Antoninus (Pronounced; Anto-NYE-nus) is the surname of a wealthy political family of moor, Alkebulan lineage and Latian heritage - who's descendent, Marcus Antoninus became one of the youngest and most debated emperors in the history of the city.

The Antoninus family is one of few black families to achieve their status in Latium at the time and faced much scrutiny during their time in power because so. The Antoninus villa is named after them.


The Antoninus family at some point in their history migrated to Latium. Dropping the surname "Trajanus" in marriage (pronounced Tra-JAH-noos), the oldest known ancestors to carry the last name "Antoninus", Verus and Domitia, got married and passed it on to their children Marcus and Annia.

Both sides of the Antoninus family come from a background of wealth. The Trajanus family being wealthier of the both sides. They own and distribute the resources used to build many of the structures in Latium and pave the roads. They also distribute to many other counties across the Mediterranean.

Family Tree


Antoninus means "of considerable worth" the origin of the last name, why and when it was adapted is unknown.