Antlionnn is an American Experimental House artist, music producer and composer born and raised in Vallejo, California.

His musical journey began while being apart of a DJ duo in high school, this lead to exposure to songs like "Banquet" by Bloc Party, "Antlion" a song by Dance Gavin Dance which Antlionnn adapted his mononym from and many other musical influences including Daft Punk, Danger and Crystal Castles.


Multifaceted in several instruments including piano and guitar, Antlionnn infuses house, electro, indie-alternative, 90s Hip-Hop and R&B which can be heard in his music. In 2013, Antlionnn added production and vocals to Marcus Orelias's "Rebel Of The Underground". The same year he would sign to company ROTU World. Currently Antlionnn is gearing up to release his debut "M4RS".