"Maybe if MEN picked up books [codices] instead of weapons the world would be a better place". - Annia Antoninus (to the Antoninus Family)

Annia Galeria Antoninus (born 158 C.E.) was a human female of Alkebulan lineage and Latian heritage. She is the only daughter of Domitia Antoninus and younger sister of Marcus Antoninus.

Early Life

Annia was born 158 C.E. to Domitia Antoninus (neé Trajanus) and Verus Antoninus, she is the youngest daughter to Domitia Antoninus and younger sister to Marcus Antoninus and was named after her father. From a young age, Annia was a book worm and always into her studies.

20s A Difficult Age

At dinner Annia walks in critiquing her brother and his assistant, Junius who are "talking politics". She also critiques his stoic nature. Skipping out on the Colosseum performance, Domitia ask why she missed it and reminds Annia of her rudeness towards Harnuphis, whom is sitting quietly at the table. Annia introduces herself and ask if she is his girlfriend, sparking Marcus's frustration. Later, once Marcus wakes up from his vision of Somnus, Annia is at his side where she comforts him.


Like her mother and brother Annia is smart and into her studies which is why she decides to skip out on the colosseum performance not favoring violence. She is also nurturing as seen when she comforts her brother in his time of anxiety. Annia doesn't care for violence or politics.

Physical Appearance

Height: Annia stands at five feet and four inches.

Complexion: she is depicted with brown skin.


Eyes: Annia has hazel eyes.


Annia means "priceless one" and is a variation of the name Antonius or Antoninus.

Antoninus means "of considerable worth".