20s A Difficult Age: The Video Game was an action, adventure game with RPG elements that was planned to be developed by ROTU World's in house gaming studio RedRoc Interactive. Based on the album of the same name, it was later postponed (maybe indefinitely) due to various reasons.



Patricus, a sprite that would appear in the game.

The game was to feature Harnuphis Bukouloi, Marcus Antoninus, The Mysterious Man and more as playable characters.[1] Some of the core mechanics featured:

  • Primary weapon - Each primary weapon varies from character to character but each character begins with their trademark sword and weapons.
  • Secondary items - Secondary weapon includes bow and arrows, daggers, spears and more
  • Defense System - Each character has their own unique way to block from using a sword to defenses based on the characters ability. 

Development Team

  • Nick Williams - Lead Animator
  • Marcus Orelias - Creative Director
  • Sulyiman Stokes - Music Composer


The game titles Dragonball Z - The Legacy of Goku 2Cuphead and Hyper Light Drifter served as the main visual inspirations for the game.



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