20s A Difficult Age: The Blue Madjai also known by the full title, Vol.1 - 20s A Difficult Age: The Blue Madjai or simply The Blue Madjai is an upcoming graphic novel published by ROTU World to expand the rap album of the same name, The Blue Madjai is written and lettered by Marcus Orelias, cover art illustrated and colored by Mohammed Agbadi, panels illustrated and colored by Stanley Obende. This is marketed as “Volume 1” serving as a individual release in an anthology series that ties into the 20s A Difficult Age story.


Opening Titles: Set during the album events of 20s a Difficult Age between the songs Prelude: Martyr and Atrium, on the empire's northern border, the First Frontier War wages on between the Tribal Confederacy of the north and the Latian Empire to the south. Returning from the war after famously winning the battle known as "Victory by Rain", the Blue Madjai - Harnuphis Bukouloi seeks solace in Latium under the Antoninus family.

Guided by Domitia Antoninus, Harnuphis is sent to Alkebula in search of a healer named Iya Agutan. Iya holding the mysteries to unlock Harnuphis's true power, must decide if she wants to aid in ending the war and fulfill Harnuphis's destiny as the Blue Madjai.


After the Prelude: Martyr dinner scene, later that evening, Harnuphis wanders the halls of the Antoninus villa and discovers the she-wolf on the wall. While observing the wall, Marcus Antoninus and Harnuphis discuss Annia, his sisters, behavior and ask Harnuphis to forgive her for it. She does and the two part ways. Harnuphis clutches the gold ring around her neck.

The next day Domitia, Marcus's mother, and Harnuphis walk through the Antoninus villa courtyard. Domitia shares a bit apart of her story telling the Blue Madjai how she found peace in marrying and having children with the father of her children. Harnuphis rejects wanting to start a family and instead voices her frustration to Domitia about not being able to control her powers. Domitia suggest she has a solution. Harnuphis then finds herself on the shore of Wagadu Mandé, Alkebula.




The Blue Madjai creative team

Story and Characters: Marcus Orelias

Cover Artist and Colorist (Front Cover): Mohammed Agbadi

Panel Illustrator and Colorist (Back Cover): Stanley Obende

Concept Illustrator / Artist: Cristina Bencina

Letterer: Stanley Obende and Marcus Orelias

Creative Consultant: Stephanie L. Dixon

Publisher: The R.O.T.U. World Company

Special Thanks: Stephanie L. Dixon and Suehyla El-Attar